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Pilot Mound Design

Artist/Owner Karl Unnasch

31314 State Highway 30

Chatfield, MN  55923








About the Artist/Owner


Karl Unnasch received his BA in Art from Winona State University in 1995 and his MFA from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth in 2003. His smaller-scale work has been exhibited as far as Europe and has been acclaimed in publications as esteemed as the New York Times and Art in London Magazine, while his public art has been featured on prominent national and even international media including NBC’s Today Show and Voice of America. In 2013, Karl was counted among the Artists of the Year by the Minneapolis CityPages Magazine.


While continuing to exhibit, Karl today focuses primarily on public and architectural art, most typically incorporating stained glass and sculpture into his work. Over the last half a decade, he has installed notable works at prominent locations including educational facilities, medical wings, banks, libraries, theatre lobbies and public gathering spaces, in addition to businesses and private homes. 


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About Pilot Mound Design


Pilot Mound Design is an Artist-owned and

–operated business in Southeastern Minnesota specializing in stained glass and architectural art solutions.


Our Master Artist has over two decades of experience across a wide variety of materials and methods — including woodworking, metal-casting, stonework, stained glass, sculpture, reclaimed/found objects, and dioramas and vitrines. 


Pilot Mound Design works closely with our clients to meet their needs and desires while never compromising on quality or artistic integrity.


For public installations, we carry a $1M commercial liability policy.







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