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Pilot Mound Design

Artist/Owner Karl Unnasch

31314 State Highway 30

Chatfield, MN  55923








From the dramatic and refined to the playful and exuberant, Pilot Mound Design takes the art of stained glass to a whole new level.


We specialize in a number of techniques and processes, some of which we have developed and perfected in-house and are uniquely our own: 


l Logos, Portraits, Animalia, Custom Requests

l Incorporation of Reclaimed and Slumped Glassware

l Etching, Staining and Stencil Overlay

l Unique Lamination Techniques

l Custom Framing and LED-Backlight Boxes

l Suspended Lighting Fixtures

l Window Installation, Wall Mounts &

      All Custom Architectural Solutions


Whether landscape or still-life, abstract or photo-real, human portrait or wildlife imagery, each of our panels is custom-designed by Artist/Owner Karl Unnasch and is masterfully crafted and fully installed under his direct supervision. (The Stained Glass page of Karl’s Artist Website may be visited here.)



Stained and leaded glass repairs are also no problem.

Simply inquire.




Service Region


Pilot Mound Design is strategically located in Southeastern Minnesota and happily services stained glass needs in the following cities and all surrounding areas in Southwestern Wisconsin and Northeastern Iowa:


l Rochester, MN

l Winona, MN

l La Crosse, WI

l Albert Lea, MN

l Austin, MN

l Decorah, IA


We also service Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN upon special arrangement, and are open to inquiries regarding larger-scale projects nationwide.

Stained Glass in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa — and Nationwide





Stained Glass

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