From concept to fabrication… from sketches to the install… hands-on design and hands-on service remain the mantra at Pilot Mound Design.



Architectural Design Solutions:


l Metal-Casting, Woodworking and Stonework

l Stained and Leaded Glass

l Dioramas and Vitrines

l Sculpture

l Collage

l Built-Ins and Installations

l Reclaimed and Repurposed Elements



As a professionally educated and practicing Artist with over two decades of experience in a wide variety of media, Pilot Mound Design Owner Karl Unnasch brings a lot to the table. His profound expertise across a unique blend of materials and methods allows for tremendous versatility in his work. 




Service Region


Pilot Mound Design is strategically located in Southeastern Minnesota and services architectural art needs in the following cities and all surrounding areas in Southwestern Wisconsin and Northeastern Iowa:


l Rochester, MN

l Winona, MN

l La Crosse, WI

l Albert Lea, MN

l Austin, MN

l Decorah, IA


We also service Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN upon special arrangement, and are open to inquiries regarding larger-scale projects nationwide.






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Pilot Mound Design

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Architectural Art

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